Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Facebook and Pinterest Hilarity

I'm not sure the internet ever entertained me quite as much as it does now. Sure, in the 90's I was more than thrilled to hear that weird connection sound as my phone line and modem connected me to AOL. "You've Got Mail!" were some exciting words back then. But we've moved past that. Well past that. Today, we have an internet filled with hilarious photographs that will sometimes literally make me laugh until I cry. From Grumpy Cat to People of Walmart, I often find myself straying from my work and delving deeper into the world of hilarious photographs. Oh, but I don't settle for just ANY humor. The raunchier and meaner, the better. For example...
Looks on the bright side, burns his retina? Hilarious! Or how about...
Sure, I'll admit that this one is disturbing. BUT, it shows a side of people that we may not have known existed prior to Facebook and Pinterest. Are we better off for seeing this? Most likely, NO. Honestly, it kind of freaks me out to know that people are doing weird things like this in random places across America. Will I keep searching for or looking at these types of pictures? Absolutely not! Last but not least we have the funny kid pics...
Does it even get any better than penis scissors? These are just three MILD examples of the hilarity that is to be found on Facebook and Pinterest. Sure, I know there are better uses for these two social media outlets, but ask me do I care? My life sucks hard core. I have nothing to offer, so I will press on and laugh at the stupidity of others.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Amba Towel Warmers: Ultimate Bathroom Luxury

There is only one thing that can make the wonderful feeling of emerging from a hot shower or bath even better, and that would be wrapping yourself in a warm towel. Amba towel warmers provide this luxury, and can easily be installed in any home. They are also an excellent option for hotel owners who wish to provide amenities that go above and beyond what competing hotels provide.

Many of the new models offer the attractive look of stainless steel. Not only will they warm towels, they also serve the dual purpose of a space heater. Designed to operate using very little electricity, there is no concern over energy usage. Additionally, if you know what time you shower each day, the unit can be programmed to warm the towels at the exact time you wish. Each unit does meet child safety standards and will include an automatic cut-off.

Amba towel warmers come in many different sizes and several different styles. Hotels, spas, and more have the option to select a size that will hold a larger quantity of towels. For home use, a smaller size can be opted for. Though considered the ultimate bathroom luxury item, towel warmers are now making an appearance in other rooms such as the kitchen, in craft rooms, and outdoor pool rooms.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Search for the Best Brooklyn Properties

Modern day Brooklyn properties range from beautiful brownstones to unique apartments. The history of the area alone is enough to make one want to live there. Though Brooklyn has been featured in many movies, most highlight the Brooklyn of the past and do little to reflect what it has become today. Today visitors will find a blend of history, charm, and style.

Similar to much of New York City, finding a place to live in Brooklyn will require the assistance of a real estate agent. Whether searching for an apartment or home, it is wise to work with an agent that knows the area and is familiar with the best properties that are available. Price is a consideration for most. Therefore, agents can assist you in finding a property to fit within your budget.

The search for the best Brooklyn properties can be daunting if you attempt to go it alone. Consider starting your search online and connecting with a qualified agent. Clearly, much has changed about Brooklyn over the years. If you haven't consider the area as a place to live, now is the time to give it another look.

Think You Know Uniform Scrubs? Think Again

Over the past decade uniform scrubs have undergone drastic changes. Yes, they still provide the same comfort and appearance of professionalism that they always have. However, they are now created in many different colors and may feature any of a plethora of patterns. These new options work to help patients feel more comfortable in a hospital of doctor's office environment.

Another notable difference is the introduction of new sizes. Small, medium, and large only are a thing of the past. Today, petite and tall varieties are also available. A host of different brands now produce uniform scrubs. This development now provides consumers with more options than ever. It has also had an effect on pricing, driving prices lower as business competition has increased.

Individual pieces may now be purchased, eliminating the need to purchase a new set when only one piece needs to be replaced. Options are also no longer limited to uniform scrubs only. Skirts, dresses, jackets and more are now available. These are available in basic white, as well as many other colors.